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Liquid Shoe Polish Brown - 75ml | W Shoe Care

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  • INSTANT SHINE SHOE POLISH: W Shoe Care Liquid Shoe Polish is a premium quality, instant shine brown liquid polish
  • LIQUID SHOE POLISH: Has a brilliant color that restores and preserves the color of your leather shoes
  • NATURAL SHOE POLISH: Natural waxes make your shoe water-resistant and enhance its appearance
  • LIQUID RROWN POLISH: Has a durable double-layered sponge, easy in application, leaving a beautiful shine in seconds
  • BOOT POLISH LIQUID: High-quality natural waxes, polymer, and resin that are tested for confidential standards for good quality leather
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion and we assure 100% money-back guarantee to our unsatisfied customers
Natural And Organic Dish Wash Gel
Natural And Organic

Natural And Organic

Shoe Care Polish of WBM is made up of natural and organic ingredients that are free from chemicals providing you with a gleamy and long-lasting shine to your shoes. The product is highly efficient in its work as its shine is extraordinary and does not leave any residue or marks onto your shoes.

Natural Incredients

Long Lasting

The Shoe Care Polish contains natural oil and wax as an ingredient. This natural polish ensures that your shoes stay shinny for a long time and is water resistant. The shine stays for longer duration and if the shoes gets dirty during the daily routine you can get the shine back with a single swipe of the shoe cleaning cloth.

Multipurpose Use

Multi purpose Use

The Shoe care Liquid Polish is multi-purpose that is it can be used to clean shoes, leather jacket, Leather seats of sofas, and other leather products. The natural ingredients in the polish assures that it gives a long life to your products and makes them durable, sustaining their texture.

Multipurpose Use

Easy To Use

Shoe cleaning at home has never been easy as it requires time to scrub the polish onto the boot and a lot of brushing along with it. The shoe polish of WBM has made shoe cleaning easy as we only need to apply a small amount on the brush and gentle brush the shoes for a very small amount of time. There is no need of polish scrubbing.



The packaging of the Shoe Polish is designed and structured keeping in view of the latest aspects. The body of the polish does not let any sort of damage cause to the polish in it. It can also absorb and retain some sort of pressure from outside.

Quality Is Our Passion

Quality is Our Passion

Buying any product has always been a problem. Every product available in the market is not up to the mark and may lead you to buy a sub-standard product. WBM can solve your problem. Quality is our passion. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee to our unsatisfied customers.


W Shoe Care Liquid Shoe Polish is a premium quality, best glossy, tested product for all kinds of brown footwear. It is easy and convenient to use for all of your shoes due to the double-layered sponge applicator inside. This shoe care polish is an instant acting polish that gives a brilliant shine in no time. The polish comes in an easily handled package, which you can easily carry with you during traveling.


Natural wax, emulgator, polymer, resin, anti-foam, and water


Keep away from children

Why choose WBM?

WBM is a renowned organization that provides its customers with the best quality, best-selling products. We prefer green, natural, and organic products. Our products contain no added toxic chemicals and have eco-friendly packaging. Quality is our passion, and we assure 100% money-back guarantee to our unsatisfied customers.


Yes, it will restore the color of your boots and will preserve their color as well.

If it comes in contact with your clothes, it might leave a color but that is washable.

Yes, it can clean and shine your leather car seats as well.

Yes, the polish will protect the shoe, absorbing minor scuffs before it reaches the leather.

It can restore the shine and color of your old dusty and dull shoes.

The waxes and oils in the polish make the shoe waterproof.

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