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  • RELIABLE & ADVANCED: This WBM Smart Smoke Alarm adopts an advanced infrared photoelectric sensor that enables to detect the fire danger or smoke quickly
  • FASTEST DANGER RESPONSE: Smoke Detector adopts a unique structure design, Wi-Fi connection that detects danger indoors in real-time with a sound level of 85dB for your family’s safety
  • LED INDICATOR: In addition to the sound indication, this smoke detector uses a red LED indicator light that flashes rapidly detecting smoke particles in the air
  • EASY INSTALLATION & OPERATION: Easy to install without any hardwiring to walls and flat or sloped ceilings creating a smart and safe home
  • BATTERY-OPERATED: This Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Alarm is battery-operated with an expected life of 3 years that monitor your family’s safety 24/7. A short “Di” sound indicators low-battery indication
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers
Wifi Smoke Alarm
Wifi Smoke Alarm
Wifi Smoke Alarm
Wifi Smoke Alarm


Don’t think that if an accident has not happened in your life, it cannot happen now. As safety is everyone’s priority so, these Smoke Alarms are important for your home’s safety. These smoke or fire detectors automatically detect the fire danger or smoke particles and warns you that something bad is going to happen in a few minutes. With the recent innovations, WBM Smart has launched its Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm that features an infrared photoelectric sensor, adopting an advanced unique structured design for the detection of smoke & visible particles associated with a smoldering fire faster compared to the ionization sensor detector. With the advanced networking in the smoke detector, download the WBM Smart APP on your smartphone. Add the smoke alarm device to the app, making it easy for you to be aware of the danger ahead. When some danger is detected near the fire alarm, you hear the alarm faster with a sound level of 85dB that you hear anywhere in your home, quickly locating the danger source. In addition to the sound indication, this photoelectric detector for smoke & fire has a red LED indicator light that flashes rapidly indicating smoke particles or fire danger around. When the smoke concentration exceeds the threshold value, a red LED flashes quickly with a buzzer “Di-Di-Di” sound more rapidly. Recommended to install this battery-operated smoke alarm on a flat ceiling or sloped ceiling for smoke detection. Try to avoid installing this alarm in a place with high humidity or temperature as this Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm is suitable for indoor use only.

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